Over 100 Winning Entries! Shenzhen Sets New Record in iF Design Award

Date: 2017-03-29 11:32:00  Source:   Compile: eands

The 64th iF Design Award's award ceremony was held in Munich, Germany on March, 2017. 394 winning entries are from China, and 142 out of which (accounting for 36%) are from Shenzhen. Ceramic Hollow Mechanical Watches by CIGA Design and Smart Power Plug S31 by ORVIBO won iF Gold Award.

Chien­Kuo Lee, Managing Director of Great China of iF Design Asia Ltd., said, “D
ue to rapid development on design industry, China has an increasing influence on iF Design Award.”

Shirley Feng, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of SIDA, said, “It’s the sixth time that Shenzhen ranked first in China for winning iF Design Award. It’s so inspiring! In 2011, Shenzhen enterprises exhibited at 100% Design, London for the first time, and we soon found that Shenzhen fell behind in industrial design. From then on, we worked hard to accelerate the development on industrial design in Shenzhen. Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair also inspired Chinese designers to learn from international designers.”

Many international design studios set offices in Sino­Finnish Design Park, including Karim Rashid, iF Design Award, etc.

Ceramic Hollow Mechanical Watches by CIGA Design, iF Gold award winner, also exhibited at Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair.

Luisa Bocchietto, President­Elect of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) said duiring Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, “ Shenzhen is becoming the pioneer city in industrial design for having excellent talents and equipment.”
Below are iF Design Award winners from Shenzhen:

Smart Power Plug S31

Dental Scanner

Alpha Egg Smart Robot

YING Drone

SUNRISE Night Lamp

ALLIRIS Air Humidifier

Noninvasive Oximeter

PLAYBULB zoocoro Smart Night Lights

Mooyee Smart Mini Massager